A little about Erland Sommarskog
and my Consulting Services

This page gives some information about my consulting services, my résumé in summary and in detail. At the end there is some information about my life beyond SQL Server.

Erland Sommarskog SQL-Konsult AB

Erland Sommarskog SQL-Konsult AB has exactly one employed: me. And, no, there are no plans for expansion.

I started this company when I left my old job at the end of 2007. My idea is to provide expert consulting around SQL Server. That could consist of actively taking part in a project at clients, but I also hope that a lot will be about mentoring. That is, rather than develop solutions for clients, I want to give them advice how to implement their solutions and review their designs. I also expect to be brought in when clients have urgent performance problems to tune queries.

SQL Server is a very broad product, and I would commit a gross lie if I said that I knew it all. My expertise lies with the Database Engine and the tools and my focus is on systems development and design. Things that I feel very confident with are:

As for pure DBA duties, I have never had such a position, but I've learnt a good deal in my work, as well as from my MVP colleagues.When it comes to BI, they are a completely white spots on the map for me. I would love to learn at least one of Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services. ...one day.

Technical knowledge outside SQL Server: My best language outside SQL Server is Perl. But I also have experience of VB6, VB .Net, C# and C++. Since I have worked extensively with system development also without databases, I feel that I can contribute to discussions about system design in general, even if I don't know the fine details of .Net.

Geography: As I live in Stockholm, this is where I expect to have most of my clients. But I like travelling, and I don't mind working with customers elsewhere.

Availability: The problem with being a one-man band, is that there is a short distance between having too much work and having too little. For 2018 I will have two main clients, and I expect to work (at least) two days a week with each from mid-March. (Before that I will be travelling and entirely unavailable due a longer vacation trip.) For the time that is left, I'm interesting in short mentoring or performance tuning jobs.

Short Résumé

Long Résumé

Erland Sommarskog SQL Konsult AB 2008-

So far I have mainly worked for my old employer. I have also had a few short advisory and performance-tuning gigs with other customers.

Abaris AB/Tieto, 1996-2007

Tieto, a major Finnish-Swedish IT corporation acquired Abaris, the company where I had worked for in eleven years, in the beginning of 2007. Abaris itself was a small company. We were 25 when I joined in 1996 and we peaked at 120 in 2001. At the time Tieto acquired the company we were around 85 persons in Stockholm, Gävle, Helsinki and Oslo.

The main achievement of Abaris is AbaSec, a very broad system for securities trading: placing orders, gateways to external systems, back-office for settlement and custody, asset management, fund management, pension-savings and more. Today, AbaSec is a prominent part in Tieto's portfolio for capital-market solutions and it's the leading product of its kind on the Nordic market.

My main task at Abaris/Tieto was being responsible for the database for the back-office system, which is the core component of AbaSec. More in detail, this means:

This may seem very broad to you, but this is the charm with working in a small company: you become a jack-of-all-trades almost by necessity.

ENEA Data AB, 1985-1995

ENEA is a consultant company, which in practice means that I changed jobs every once in while, without changing employers. Here is what I did during my ten years at ENEA:

1985 Supplemental system start functions in a real-time system, programming and testing. Target: Motorola 68000 Development: VAX/VMS. Language: Pascal.
1985-1987 Development of general graphics module for real-time radar systems. Design, programming and testing. Target: AMD2901, Development VAX/VMS. Language: Pascal.
1988-1990 Back-office system for securities trading. (No, not at Abaris, but the people I worked with would later start Abaris.) Programming, design of generic routines and CM tools. Environment: VAX/VMS, DEC/Rdb, Pascal, Cobol and various Digital tools.
1991 Configuration Management tools for a military naval system. Environment: VAX/VMS, DEC/Rdb, Ada and Cobol.
1991-1992 Development in-house at ENEA of two medical systems, one for pathology labs and one system for administrating checkups for cervix cancer. I was responsible for testing and was sub-project leader for testing, CM and installation. Environment: Unix, Sybase, APT, shell scripts, Perl and C.
1992-1993 Development of CM tools, both for external and internal use. Unix, Perl and RCS.
1993-1995 Continued support and further development of the two medical systems, particularly the one for cervix cancer. Functional design, database design, programming, testing, installation, system administration. Environment: see above.
1994-1995 System for a database of trucks on CD. My task was to implement communication to external systems. Environment: Win3.1, Visual C++, TCP/IP, Unix, C.

Lund Institute of Technology 1982-1985

I worked extra as a student teacher in Programming and Mathematical Statistics. During this period I was exposed to Fortran, Pascal, assembler and Simula.

Beside my engineering classes, I also had one semester of practical philosophy.

Other merits

I was named SQL Server MVP in April 2001.

I had two articles published in SQL Server Professional, the issues of January and August 2000. (And if you wonder why I have not published any articles since, the answer is simple: I prefer to write for my own web site where I can update the article as new information comes in.)

During my period at ENEA, I also did minor work with Ada and Eiffel. I was a member of a Swedish reference group for Ada 95, and participated in one international conference on Ada 9x.

The non-technical part of me

Where I come from – I spend my first 4½ years in Löderup, a village on Österlen, the plains of south-eastern Scania, the southernmost province in Sweden. Then my family moved to Önnestad, a village outside Kristianstad, in the north-east of Scania. When I was 20, I moved to Lund, the major university town in Scania. After graduation in 1985 I moved to Stockholm, and I have been living here since. I still consider myself Scanian, and I repel being called a Stockholmer. At the same time: Stockhom is a marvellous place in summer with very many excursion options with sea, the big lake and many small lakes. (Wintertime it's a lot more drab.) Having grown up in a small village, I'm big-city person. I could fancy a few days in some small place, but the busy life of the city is where I belong.

Languages – I have always been a language buff and beside Swedish, my native language, and English, which I believe to be fluent in, I also speak passable French, Italian, German and to lesser extent Spanish. I like to make use of that languages are related to each other so I also claim understanding of varying degree of Norwegian, Danish, Catalan, Dutch, Portuguese and Galician. I have taken classes in Russian and Polish, but I'm still on a very rudimentary level there. Nevertheless, it was fascinating that when travelling in Bulgaria, how useful the wee bits I know of Russian and Polish were.

Travel – I like to leave Sweden once or twice a year for a few weeks to travel around with my backpack. Mainly I travel on my home ground, that is in Europe, a continent amazing in its diversity. But my possibly best trip ever went to Argentina, and it was so good that I had to return for a second visit. (And it is in Argentina you find the capital of SQL.) I also recall South Korea as fascinating, but I have yet to return there. Since 2003 I own a camera, and you can see pictures from my travels (and from Stockholm in summer) on my picture site.

Music – I listen a lot to music (who doesn't?) and have an extensive collection with over 2000 albums on vinyl, CD and cassette. These days, I have converted it all to MP3. The focus is on rock in a broad sense, but there is also jazz and classical music. I tend to buy a lot of records when I'm travelling. The motto is the local rock'n'roll in the local language. And I have found some amazingly good music this way. Here are some favourites: Premiata Forneria Marconi (Italy), Budka Suflera (Poland), Litfiba (Italy), Bernard Lavilliers (France), Trovante (Portugal). My collection also comprise names from the anglophone world such as Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Roxy Music, Joe Jackson, Miles Davis, David Bowie and a lot more.

Bridge – I've been playing bridge since my teens, and I while only get the time to play it at most once a week these days, I still find it a valuable occupation. One fascinating thing with bridge is the mix of people. Old and young, rich and poor all play together. Bridge is a game wonderfully devoid of prestige. And even if you are just a normal club player, you can still get some very good scores when you meet an expert pair (Although of course most often you don't.).

The house where I live – I live in a block of flats, built 1912, in Birkastan in the inner parts of Stockholm. The house is owned by us tenants, a common thing here in Sweden. Living in such a house means that you easily get in involved in taking care of the house and I'm a member of the board of our bostadsrättsförening. I moved to this apartment a few years ago, and at my previous place I was on the board for ten years.

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