TBLCNT counts the number of rows all tables in a database and prints the result.

Command-line syntax:

   tblcnt [-User user] [-Server server] [-Password pwd] -database db [-systbl]
-Server The server to connect to. Default is local server.
-UserWhich user to log in as. Default is "sa".
-Password Password for user. If you omit -Password, TBLCNT uses Windows authentication, and -User is ignored.
-databaseThe database to be examined.
-systbl Specify -systbl to include the SQL Server system tables in the count.

The purpose of TBLCNT is to serve as a simple control aid when you move data from one database to another with DOBCP or similar. Run TBLCNT in both databases. If the output agrees, that's a token of success, but it does not guarantee that other accidents may have occurred. On the other hand, if the output differs, then is cause for concern.