Erland Sommarskog's home page

I'm an independent consultant who provides expert consulting in the SQL Server area. I was awarded Most Valuable Professional on SQL Server by Microsoft in April 2001. This page gathers articles and utilities that I have written about and for SQL Server. Details on my consulting business are available here in Swedish and here in English. The English page includes some information about me as a person. I also have a photo gallery.

To see what has changed on this site recently, please see my web log. If you have attended any of my presentations go here to get slides and scripts.

Texts on SQL

This is a small collection of texts about some features in SQL Server that people frequently ask about in the newsgroups about MS SQL Server. Rather than being a FAQ with many questions with short answers, these are in-depth articles on some of my favourite topics

My SQL Server Wishlist

I've compiled a list of Uservoice items related to development that I wish to see implemented in SQL Server, the sooner the better. Read it and vote for the suggestions you like! Latest revision: 2018-06-15.

Utilities and Code

All of this is code in the public domain.


You can reach me on